Friday, 6 March 2015


Our professional background in general agriculture coupled with business skills have enabled  the identification of  a real gap in the market for the supply of farm machinery and equipment in the least developed world economies especially in Africa.

The majority of African population still relies on farming as a means of generating income. The majority are subsistence farmers but the trend is  now changing rapidly with many capable farmers pursuing farming as a sustainable business through commercial and large scale farming. Unfortunately the methods that have been used are not efficient. Therefore, the importance of increased agricultural mechanisation cannot be over-emphasised.

Food security is a disturbing issue particularly in Africa. This  is being addressed with urgency through the combined efforts of the international community and business.

We at Agric International Ltd are therefore joining in the efforts by sourcing all types of agricultural machinery, related equipment and tools which can be used in any part of Africa to maximise agricultural production.

We have done a  lot of research  into modern farming machinery and equipment and developed links, partnerships and signed contracts with manufacturers of good quality wares. We are still looking for many more manufacturers of agricultural implements and investors to contact us.

Technology is advancing at a very fast rate. We aim to bring you the latest news on products, methods, skills and improvements in farming.

Do visit us frequently for updates.